Need Assistance - 0x8000ffff catastrophic error when debugging VB6 COM+ objects

Hi all. I am trying to debug some Vb6 COM+ components under Win2k3 server. I have inherited this code from someone else. I have loaded the components into a COM+ application. I have the com+ app running as the interactive user. When I run the components through the debugger and call them through the web browser, I get an 0x8000ffff catastrphic error. When I don't run the components within the debugger, everything runs normally. I can compile the components fine. The compiled components work properly when called directly,
the problem is when running underneath the debugger.

I am running Win2k3 server, vb6 with sp5, and sql2k with sp3.

Anyone have any thoughts as to how to resolve this issue and to debug the components properly? I have searched the MS knowledgebase and google (sites and groups) with little result. I think that this is a security issue in that some user does not have appropiate access to something, but I am running as the local administrator and everything is configured to run as the Interactive User.



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