• Oh yea, I had almost forgotten about the Washington State Governor Soap Opera.

    Your Tax Dollars at Play!

  • Your just going too half two except the fax.

  • yeah, you don't know the half of it. If you knew the whole story, you'd wonder if the candidate in you state really won and how screwed up is the election process in your state.

    She won by 124 votes, after 3 recounts, in an election where a thousand or so felons voted and mail-in ballots were left lying around in warehouses. It's a screwed up situation. I think that if they were to hold another election that she'd still win, but at least we would KNOW that she got to greatest total of votes.

  • Yeah its pretty sad. These neo-facist republicans are going to ruin the country.

  • umm...minor correction - change "Accept" to "Except" in the first sentence :)

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