DC Codecamp

Ok, I survived the DC Codecamp.  I was up early on Saturday, I played golf (teed of at 6:15 am) and then went to the DC Codecamp in Reston.  I got to meet Bill Ryan face-to-face.  I listened to Julie Lerman talk about security and in another talk she did ADO.NET.  I was sitting in the back basically having a panic attack as  I am doing a talk at the Atlanta Codecamp on ADO.NET in Whidbey/Yukon.  Her talk and my talk have very little in common.  My talk is geared towards the new ADO.NET features provided by Yukon to the client and to the server. 

Julie, Anil John, and I ended up going to dineer and then I dropped Julie off at Dulles airport.

I got back to the hotel about 8:20 pm on Saturday.  I was asleep by 9.


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  • Dammit Wally, I'm getting tired of having to edit and correct your posts. Your post was supposed to read "I got to meet Bill Ryan face-to-face and I have to admit, how one guy can be so smart, so studly and just so cool is hard for me to fathom." I mean, you could have taken some journalistic license and phrased it however you wanted as long as it still communicatd the original sentiment ;-)

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