Golf on Saturday July 30, 2005

Wow, today was a wild day on the golf course for me.  I shot a 71 on a par 72 course.  The course is 6,300 yard from the tees that we played from.  The rating and slope are 68.7/110.  That results in a handicap differential of 2.4 for that round, if I have my figures all straight and my terms correct.  It was so rewarding, especially considering that I had shot an 88 on the same course from the same tees last Saturday.  I was so upset when I got done last weekend.  Today was definitely a different day.



  • Hi Wally - nice shooting, whats your handicap?

    Greg - from the hme of golf ;o)

  • I think that my index is around 15.

  • I think my index is around 15. Its been going up all year. When I worked on my ADO.NET book, I did not have much time to do any type of golf, so my index when from 10.6 upto about 15 this year. I've just been so bad this year, I've been so frustrated this year, so the 71 was a complete shock today.

    How is Scotland this time of year?

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