What is Ajax?

There seems to be this swarm of discussion going around about Ajax this and Ajax that.  What do you think Ajax is?  Jason wonders if it will ever ship from MS.  Michael Schwartz has the "Ajax Library for .NET" which exists today.  I am working on writing a book on Ajax.  There are all kinds of people out there talking all kinds of stuff about Ajax.  Tell me what you think Ajax is within the feedback of this blog post.  FYI: Smartass responses are not accepted or approved.



  • It's:

    a) A suite of technologies that, when combined, allow rich-client style functionality on the web, and

    b) way cool

  • Actually, I'm not doubting the fact that AJAX or some AJAX-style variant will ship from MS (we all know it's going to be the latter). That's not the point.

    I was inquiring whether people thought that Atlas was going to be another attempt to roll out the defunct .NET MyServices platform. It's a shame it didn't make it to RTM with 1.0, and it seems like the strategy for Atlas points towards that.

  • Jason,

    Ok, I mis-read your posting then. I guess it all kinda got wrapped around our email thread from last night.


  • Dimitri,

    The issue that I am addressing is that people are using the word Ajax to describe a lot of different items that may or may not meet the definition as supplied.


  • AJAX is still a cool name! Now, that we have the acceptance of developers and web designers we should concentrate us on the correct usage of the XmlHttpRequest object. I still get strange questions concerning the Ajax.NET library because of missing understanding how HTTP, postbacks and browsers are working.

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