Thanks to the guys over at SPAMIS for sending me spam

The guys over at SPAMIS are just total spam sending creeps.  Yes, creeps.  I try to only say positive things on my blog, but this is just crazy.  Not only are they sending out spam that complains about the Microsoft lawsuit with Google, they are masking the return address by putting the "To:" entry in the "From:", and the email header is reporting that the email is coming from Germany on a host with a dhcp connection which means that this may be some poor sap with malware on their system.  Not being an expert in the spam business, I have no idea what info is correct and what info is incorrect.  I do know this: SPAMIS == SCUMBAG.


  • Yeah, I'm getting crap from them too. Only a bunch of tools would spam people complaining about spam!

  • Yeah, I got another one late yesterday afternoon.

  • Has anyone managed to figure out an address for these jokers (Spamis)? I got a 3rd email from these jerks today.

  • Funny - they keep sending out fake news articles about microsoft.

    I'd think MS would wanna get ahold of these jokers and put a stop to it.

    It's not as if they don't have enough REAL problems without these dill-weeds on the loose.

  • This guy has sent me enough spam. And incidentially I live in SEATTLE, too. If I catch him in the city, I'm not going to give him a moment of peace. The jerk needs to learn that email is a private asset, not something to be abused like telemarketing used to be abused.

  • Glad I found this group! I've been trying to track this through Gernamy, Amterdam, etc. for a few days. This guy hacked into our company's FormMail last week, and then just yesterday. We have a contact page where you enter your info, etc. and it goes to our sales dept. They sent the infamous Microsoft spam out (saying it was from me, to God knows who) as well as dumping about 20 emails into my email box.

    I don't know if you noticed this, but in several of the emails we got there were listed one of two AOL email addresses. They are: and Anyone have any info on these?

  • I hate these guys! Now I get a message today ending with the comment that they are about to increase their spam output 20x! Isn't there some way to shut this guy down????

  • reported on July 22, 2005, that Spamhaus claims he is using zombie PC's to do his dirty work. :(


  • This Spamis is crap. I get at least 25 emails a day in my company email account... and yes, it is from my email account address. The jerk needs to be stopped.

  • Yes, he uses zombies. Last week I got his crap from a dynamic address in Germany. Since we have no business dealings outside the US, we have already blocked most European addresses, but this was one I had missed. I added the large range of RIPE-assigned addresses to our firewall DENY list. Today, I got one from a dynamic address at Columbia U -- probably some clueless infected student.

  • I'm getting them saying the return address is me. I'd like to find him also.

    looking at the source I got a number at

    Record Type: IP Address

    OrgName: ACD Internet Services

    OrgID: ACDC

    Address: 4980 Northwind Drive

    City: East Lansing

    StateProv: MI

    PostalCode: 48823

    Country: US

    NetRange: -


    NetName: ACDNET-1

    NetHandle: NET-207-179-64-0-1

    Parent: NET-207-0-0-0-0

    NetType: Direct Allocation

    NameServer: NS1.ACD.NET

    NameServer: NS2.ACD.NET


    RegDate: 1999-08-31

    Updated: 2002-05-03

    TechHandle: KS550-ARIN

    TechName: Schoen, Kevin

    TechPhone: +1-517-333-0900


    OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE404-ARIN

    OrgAbuseName: Abuse Contact

    OrgAbusePhone: +1-517-333-0900


    OrgTechHandle: JG1193-ARIN

    OrgTechName: Grover, Joe

    OrgTechPhone: +1-517-333-0900


    OrgTechHandle: IPADM103-ARIN

    OrgTechName: IP Administrator

    OrgTechPhone: +1-517-333-0900


    And I also see a

    Quantum Connections

    211 Hilltop Rd.

    St. Joseph, MI 49085


    Domain Name: QTM.NET

    Administrative Contact

    Quantum Connections Network Operations Center: qtmnoc@QTM.NET

    Quantum Connections, LLC

    211 Hilltop Road

    St. Joseph, MI 49085


    Phone 269-926-4242

    Fax 269-926-6363

    Technical Contact

    Quantum Connections Network Operations Center: qtmnoc@QTM.NET

    Quantum Connections, LLC

    211 Hilltop Road

    St. Joseph, MI 49085


    Phone 269-926-4242

    Fax 269-926-6363

    Billing Contact

    Quantum Connections Network Operations Center: qtmnoc@QTM.NET

    Quantum Connections, LLC

    211 Hilltop Road

    St. Joseph, MI 49085


    Phone 269-926-4242

    Fax 269-926-6363

    Record updated date: 2005-06-03 08:04:15

    Record created date: 1995-08-31

    Record expires on date: 2006-08-30

    Database last updated on: 2005-09-15 13:54:58 EST

    Domain servers in listed order:



    TransferGuard LOCK Status => ENABLED

    Both in Michigan about 110 miles apart

  • I was getting spam from this clown. Now I get the some rotten garbage, but It's Identifying Itself as me. I'm annoyed this joker complains about Microsoft sending spam, yet I have not received unsolicited mail from Microsoft, but I do from this major pain in the butt.

  • I am getting this trash which appears as from my own email account to myself! I have had enought. He may reside in Washington State, which I also reside and I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General this date. Hopefully WA State anti spam law (that MR Robert Soloway complains about) will shut him down. Anyone in Washington State should also file a complaint with the Attorney General. It was bad enought when he sent his trash, now it appears I am sending it!!!

  • Why not add yourself in the "blacklist" of your spam software. Why? Well numerous spammers have figured out to send mail from "yourself" as it will get through. But in all reality you would rarely ever send email to yourself. If you find that you need to move data or information from PC to PC, most of us have 2nd, 3rd, and 10th email accounts. Send them to one of them (not back to yourself per say).

    Sucks but at least it fixes this idiot.

  • I have received emails from my OWN email address from this guy, SPAMIS-Robert Alan Soloway . Isn'this illegal? Please put a stop to this now!

  • Thank you to Scott (9/19/05) for the information on Robert Soloway and submitting a complaint to the WA Attorney General. Please, everyone send a complaint to the Atty General in Washington AND to your ISP in order to put a stop to this jerk. Good luck!

  • Yeah SPAMIS really sucks.

    If you read the bottom of his latest email he says "thanks to server donations we're now ready to send out 20x more e-mails 20x faster".

    Great he's infected more computers with malware.

  • I filed with the WA a.g. online. thanks for the info.

  • I think we all dislike what this Robert Soloway is doing especially stealing out identity as Chris said.

    This is annoying to say at least and seriously intruding our privacy is just a fair statement, I suggest we all ask the Washington state government; Microsoft; and even the US federal government to take appropriate action against this joker.

    This is clearly a case of abuse of the e-mail system plus identity stealing; misleading information; anti-privacy; and spam. Remember, don’t get mad because that is what he likes to see.

  • You are not going to find a source for these emails because these guys purposly use dynamic Internet connections. Anyone in the world with an internet connection can set up a mail server. Send out a million emails and shut the server down. Their goal appears to be to harm microsoft with propaganda true or false. God knows there are thousands of microsoft haters out there. US laws can not touch them either since the internet knows no borders and by the time you track down the ISP to somewhere in lala land their server is gone. It's impossible to stop because it sounds like they have a whole network of people and not just an individual. You can lock up this Robert loser but this wouldn't stop because he has already corrupted some other people.

    I just got this message

    Thanks to Individual and Server Contributions, S P A M I S is Now

    "FULLY READY" to Begin Increasing Microsoft Public Service

    Announcement Emails to 20 Times the Amount of Internet Email

    Users by 25 Times the Current Sending Rate & Speed When a

    Certain Activity Transpires to "ANY" Past, Present or Future

    S P A M I S Member(s) and/or "ANY" S P A M I S Affiliate(s).

  • ...i've worked it out!

    since I recieved this idiot-like stuff from my own adress, i tried everything to stop it. finnally, since I used SPYBOT to take malware out of my system, it stopped...

    ---by the way MS spyware-doctor found the same malware on my PC, the program would only remove it, after paying some 29 bucks---

    I hope my computer would never get on someones nervs again, sending ZOMBIE mails of this jerky kind...

  • I am glad to have found this website through a google search for the word "SPAMIS". I have been receiving emails from the same joker for a few weeks now. I have submitted a complaint to the WA state government after getting all the info from this site.

    Thanks to everyone for providing this informaiton.

  • I guess we could all do with our ISPs or hosting services putting a block on all mail which includes "S P A M I S" (and any future variation), so the junk doesn't even get seen by us.

    The fact it is sent with a "from" mail address of my own is one of the more annoying aspects.

    Quoting actual news items might well bring my attention to aspects of Microsoft, and I'm no great fan of theirs, but I'm even less of a fan of this jerk manipulating systems to send his "S P A M I S" junk mail to me over and over.

    I get lots, every day, because of different domains I manage for myself and my clients.

    Fortunately, my clients are sensible people and don't throw a hissy fit when they see this junk (along with other more offensive material which sometimes gets through), but it really should not be happening, and I would assume either the authorities have staff to sift the junk out of their e-mail, or they are so far removed from daily life they don't have any e-mail account at home... maybe their families can persuade them to take some action, cos us "mere mortals" in the internet community seem to have a hard job convincing them action needs to be taken, and quickly.

    I regard junk mail as important as cracking down on illegal copying of software and films/music. Only second to stopping trojans and virus writers, because junk mail is a form of internet anarchy/terrorism, almost as bad as the real thing. Peter, in Europe.

  • I just reported this jerk to 3 of the ISPs that he's funneling his garbage thru

    I have friends in Seattle and will be contacting them about this moron

  • Well he won't be spammer out of any of our servers and listing his name on a huge webhosting forum

  • He could be mixed up in the wrong thing. He could be a good person after all. Maybe this arrest will send him on the right path. Ever think about this person is someones son? Someones friend? Spamming is annoying, I will say that. And I HATE when I get spam mail. But, he is just a person doing what he thinks he can to make a buck.

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