Oracle 10g Release 2 for Windows Install Note

For those of you that have ever tried to install Oracle and failed, I have shocking news for you regarding the install of Oracle 10g Release 2 for Windows.  I downloaded it, installed it, worked.  I was able to bring up the web based management console, which I hated in 10g Release 1.  I am very interested to take a look at 10g R2 for Windows because it has the support for the CLR in the Windows version of the database.



  • The CLR does not run in the database process, but in an external CLR agent. Which I believe is an outproc exe.

    One would question running the inproc CLR right in the database process itself, making it a great candidate for all sorts of process crashes and security holes.

  • Yes, it runs as an out of proc exe in Oracle. The state is based on the fact that previous versions of Oracle for Windows do not have this capability.

    As for running inproc, there are positives and negatives to doing this. As I understand it, the CLR runs inproc with Sql Server 2005, however, there are certain hooks in the clr that allow this functionality and allow Sql Server to host the CLR and control what is happening.

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