ASP.NET Podcast Show #24 - More Atlas, Debugging with Atlas, and Various Book Status

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Special thanks go out to Wilco Bauwer who has posted a lot of his insight into Atlas in the ASP.NET forums.


Show Notes:

  • Emails.
    • Our hero Phil Winstanley supports the show
      And thanks go out to Plip for these pictures:
      Super Wally
    • Scott Fletcher says that “Wally is the hottest thing in Podcasting!”
    • Chris Frazier agrees with Scott.
  • Atlas.
    • What are some of the Atlas pieces-n-parts.  Wally bloggerizes from Nikhil Kothari’s weblog. (Note: Wally made up the word bloggerize.  It means to steal from someone else's blog without their permission.  You learn something new on a podcast every day.........).
    • Example (Note: There is an sState, which refers to an HTML tag, and there is a property referred to as State.  These are separate and I appologize for any confusion):

Client Side Code:
        function LoadTest(){




        function ReturnDataTableCallBack(result)


            var i = 0;

            var ddl = document.getElementById("sState");

            var optionItem;

            iLength = document.getElementById("sState").options.length;

            document.getElementById("sState").visible = true;

            //document.getElementById("txtAreaResult").value = result.get_data();

            for(i=0; i<iLength; i++)


                document.getElementById("sState").options[0] = null;


            alert("Length: " + result.get_length() );

            for(i=0; i<result.get_length(); i++)


                var optAdd = new Option(result.getItem(i).getProperty("State"),result.getItem(i).getProperty("tblStateId"));

                for(m in result.getItem(i)){





            debug.dump(result, "DataTable Result", true);

Server Side Code:

        public System.Data.DataTable ReturnDataSet()


            DataTable dt = new DataTable();

            DataRow dr;

            dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("tblStateId", System.Type.GetType("System.Int32")));

            dt.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("State", System.Type.GetType("System.String")));

            dr = dt.NewRow();

            dr["tblStateId"] = 1;

            dr["State"] = "Tennessee";


            dr = dt.NewRow();

            dr["tblStateId"] = 2;

            dr["State"] = "Alabama";


            return (dt);


  • Debugging with Atlas.
    • debug.dump(object, name [, recursive[, indention padding]]);The output from debug.dump.>
    • for(m in results) alert(m);
  • Wally does pimp himself.
  • Book Status.
    • ADO.NET.
    • Ajax/Atlas Book.
    • Please come be the IIS7 lead author.  Being a lead author is so much fun.

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  • Hi wally,

    I'm Simone from Milan, Italy, and I landed on the world of podcasting a few weeks ago, I found out you podcast to be one of the best around the web, togheter with polymorphicpodcast.

    And I hungrily downloaded all your show and now I finally reached the end of the past shows: I'm quite an active athlete, and I listened 2 per training session, and people looked me as mad when I started laughing while running down the park or while lifting weights :-D

    Anyway, very good show, you are great!!!

    Just it's a bit difficult to follow the code snippets while running, since I don't have the text to read.

    Keep going!!! I'm looking forward to hear show #24.

    Take Care


    PS: maybe you want to know who I am: I'm a software architect with 4-5 years of experience in developing .NET web applications (and 10 year of &quot;commercial-grade&quot; programming)

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