• On amazone, the cover has less people on it. Though their cover shows 6 names and 5 people on the cover. WHo was deined to have his picture taken? ;)

  • Doesn't that guy on the left play Andy on According to Jim?

  • Looks like a good book, who's the Stud third from the right?

  • One time I was checking out a few Wrox books at Barnes and Noble and my girlfriend was with me. She was normally pretty understanding of geek culture but she took one look at the book and burst out laughing. I asked her what's so funny and she just asked me why in the hell would anyone want to put pictures of programmers on the covers of books.

    I wasn't really able to answer her and the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed. Any thoughts as to why Wrox does this to people who want to give them money for a book? They're typically decent books, so we buy them, but it's not for the cover art.

  • Thats just scary. I am going to put that picture on the windscreen of may car when I leave it parked in my local car park. No one is going to break into it with that on the windscreen.... ;-)

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