A technology jingle

This little jingle comes for Lori McKinley, the goddess of knowledge in Huntsville, AL.  It is a very nice little jingle.  It is done to the tune of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Twas the eve of December Just past turkey day
HUNTUG's newsletter's due and now what will I say?

The end of the year is a reflective time
so here's our year past all done up in a rhyme

Russ Fustino was first and dropped by for a chat
on secure ASP in toolbelt and hard hat

Through three nights of Exchange Rodney Fournier was steady
so that at the loadfests our members were ready

Doug Turnure came twice this past year just to show
C# Multithreading and the new Indigo

DoD Security knowledge was taken up a notch
after a great presentation by our own Rodrick Koch

Jeremy Chance showed Westglen Software's best bet
for sharing ASP Session State, Classic to .NET

Voice over IP, that was what we were hearing
in April from Information Engineering

Carl Franklin came down from New London, CT
to show us his favorites in Whidbey VB

Six years to the month after HUNTUG was born
Paul Thurrott told us all what is new in Longhorn

Integration of legacy apps and .NET
Thomas Atwood explained his technologies set

Tim Huckaby started his 'Bama tour here
.NET 101 for Sys Admins was clear

Our Hamilton Woods showed us object inspection
ideas and code using .NET reflection

To use SMS to deploy all our patches
Scott Spearman told how to control the dispatches

Tim Kannapel showed how the new SDK
made developing Tablet PC apps like play

The talk of Glenn Fincher gave lots of enjoyment
showing how to best do Business Desktop Deployment

On Whidbey ASP.NET we couldn't have been surer
of a great big sneak peek than from Wally McClure

James Mizzell detailed XP SP2 Security
bringing the details to light with all surety

Rodney was back in October and mustering
SQL Server 2000 Failover Clustering

OO programming concepts and practices best
David Gottlieb presented his program with zest

Thought some pixels were blank 'cause the glue'd come undone
trying Martin Shoemaker's Tablet PC was fun

Shawn Wildermuth, yes, the ADO guy,
mentioned ADO.NET best practices to try

The holiday party next week should be great
Some members will take home some gifts all first-rate

Thanks sponsors for pizza, gifts, drinks we were given
and thanks Intergraph for the seats we could sit in

Thanks to INETA and Culminis too
We'd have missed some great speakers if 'twere not for you

No tech in December but be of good cheer
Happy Holidays to all and we'll see you next year

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