Several years ago, I had written my own little hashcode for my web search spider.  I checked the performance on my 64 bit system, and to put it mildly, it was horrible.  I was talking to Dave Wanta this week and he reminded me of the Hashing support in .NET.  I had completely forgotten about it.  I yanked out my hash code and used the hasing in .NET.  I got better performance using the hashcode in .NET when inserting into the database.  I believe that my code did not provide a good spread to effectively use the database indexes that I had setup.  By going to the .NET hash support, I think I was able to get a better spread for my indexing system and was able to get rid of a database hotspot.  Right now, I am trying to see how many records it will support.


  • I'll try and remember to post some code when I get home...

    For a couple of reasons I ended up testing a couple of hash code routines under .NET a couple of years ago for both performance and collision. I'll try and post the code, I know I still have it lurking around somewhere.

  • Wallym, I'd love to hear how you can implement a .NET hash (preferably a salted SHA1 type) on the client and validate it on the server against a database field, say a password field which stores password in SHA1 format with a salt. Please email me at mark.nongkhlaw@nic.in

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