Special Button in Atlas - "abortButton"

I was just reading thru Nikhil's posts about the new build of Atlas and I cam across this interesting little nugget of information.  You can stop an async operation through the <ProgressTemplate> by creating a special button with the id of "abortButton."  I like the idea, however, I just hate magic numbers, or buttons in this case.  Perhaps the team could put in some type of special attribute on a regular button or something like that....................


  • The special attribute (on a regular button, image button, etc.) happens to be &quot;id&quot;, and the value we look for happens to be &quot;abortButton&quot; :-)

    Any other attribute or value would be equally &quot;special&quot;, right?

  • I couldn't agree more!

  • Wallace,

    This is actually a standard way ASP.NET 2 works with certain templated controls, nothing specific to Altas.

    To get your head around this, get visual studio to output a template for the asp:Login control (use the ToolTip and pick the option to &quot;convert to Template&quot;). Note that there are lots of buttons that have a particular action based on the ID of the button.

    In general, one of the nice things introduced with ASP.NET 2 controls was this ability for a control to have behaviour, but for the exact template of the control to be completely up to the page developer, as long as they give the right buttons/labels/etc the correct IDs.

    I hope this helps.

  • Entirely agree with you,intro of magic &quot;id&quot;s smells bad;-)

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