Looking for .NET specific info

I am looking for information and I am going to ask the community for assistance in this.

  1. The Garbage Collector in .NET.  I have been asking this question on and off for about 3 years and I have never gotten a good answer.  It seems that whenever I ask a question about how the GC works in a public forum, the only answer I get is that it is some magical mystical object and I don't need to worry about it.  Well, that answer is not good enough for me. I have read posts from Paul Wilson and an article at The Server Side.  I want to know more about what is going on behind the scenes, so if you know of any other articles about the GC that are beyond the statement of “it is called when a threshold is reached and it walks a tree of objects and removes the objects that can no longer be reached“ then please send them to me.  Why am I interested in this?  Well, I just want to know more about what is happening behind the scenes.  Black boxes that do auto-magical things make me nervous so I want to know as much as I can about them.
  2. The CLR integration with Yukon.  I know that the CLR integration with Yukon will make the database more stable because there will be less need (if any) to use extended stored procedures.  I know that I can now use procedure logic in the database with sprocs, functions, and triggers as oppossed to TSQL's set based logic.  I want to know more regarding this integration.  What does Yukon's hosting of the CLR do regaring threading, memory management, and other features of the CLR?  What are the limitations of hosting the CLR in Yukon?

Please post any type of links in the feedback for this post.  Thanks.



  • Re: Garbage Collection - Maybe you should check out ROTOR or MONO and look at their implementation. I think the ROTOR implementation is fairly close to the framework 1.0 "commercial" version.

  • Jim Murphy (www.mindreef.com/people/jimmurphy/weblog/)came to VTdotNET in August 02 and did a very deep presentation on this exact topic - how GC works. His deck might be really helpful. I will email him and see if I can't get that to put up on the vtdotnet site.

  • FWIW...the GC in ROTOR is advertized as not working *exactly* like the GC in the full featured framework. IIRC, it was said that the algorithm used for GC was *secret* accounting for the differences. I'd say that the implementation in MONO might be a better place to look (as suggested above)

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