Sql Server 2000 Support to be Dropped on June 1, 2006

This is a joke. It is not real.

It says it in print so it must be true.

Thanks to David Silverlight for the newspaper cutout of the story.  I had missed this completely.  Cross posted from: http://morewally.com/cs/blogs/wallym/archive/2006/06/04/44.aspx

Update: I am LMAO at a few people that think this is true.  They have lit up my IM.


  • Thanks for the info. There are many apps in our org that are using SQL 2K, not sure my IT Dept is know of this update. I will communicate the same to them.

    Thanks again!!

  • I am not sure why this paper has been published it like that...

    But this is a rumour.

    Check the MS site to know the retiring dates


  • Hello All. This is David Silverlight, the one guilty of creating the phony news story about SQL Server 2000 support being dropped. The background of this newspaper article is a bit of a funny story, IMHO, and I will blog about it myself very soon on my own site. In short, I had a meeting the other day discussing/debating whether we should upgrade from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 on the production server. Naturally, I was all in favor of upgrading. It seems to me that the easy way to make my case would be simply to run down the extensive list of product enhancements. That would work, I am sure, but I came up with a way to add a little ooomph to better support my argument. Using a newspaper generation site that I came across, I was able to create a realistic sounding story showing that SQL Server 2000 support will end on June 1st 2006 (the day prior to the meeting). After all, if the current version is no longer supported, it is a very compelling reason to upgrade. My other article shows that SQL Server 2005 is 100,000 times faster than the previous version. Hey, that is another great reason for upgrading too!!! In the meeting, there was really one person who was not in favor of upgrading and I even quoted him in the article as saying, "SQL Server 2005 is my first choice for a database platform". I am not sure that he liked being quoted on something that contradicts the reason for his meeting. I also doubt that the president of the company liked being quoted as saying that "he would fire anybody who did not upgrade to SQL 2005". Hopefully, he won't see this blog. In the end, we all had a big laugh about it and the levity that it added to the meeting made it go quite smoothly.

  • Haha, I have just been informed by a senior support guy at a global multi billion dollar company in the UK that support for SQL 2000 ends this year. After he said that i checked for myself and found this site. Brilliant.

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