Mapping and Location in iOS and Android at Xamarin Evolve 2013

The following is a link to my talk on Mapping & Location in iOS and Android at Xamarin Evolve 2013.  Obviously, the talk is centered on MonoTouch, aka Xamarin.iOS, and Mono for Android, aka Xamarin.Android.  In this talk, I cover the native functionality of each platform.  In addition, I cover Google Maps for iOS SDK.  I hope that you find the talk to be helpful.


  • Hi Wally,

    Where can I find the sample code for this session?

    The link from the penultimate slide shown at the end of the session,,
    returns Error (404).


  • Hi Wally, I just watched your session on Mapping and Location from Xamarin Evolve as I am working on something that will includes this stuff. I was looking for your demo code, but it can no longer be found at the address you provided in your slides. Any chance you have it available elsewhere? If not, is there a possibility you could email it to me? (robert(dot)echten(at)gmail(dot)com). Thanks in advance!

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