.NET Framework for the Mac?


It would seem to me that the ability to write C# and VB.NET code that runs in Silverlight and on the Safari Web Browser on the Mac means that we just might see a full .NET Framework for the Mac sometime in the future.  Yes, I know about Rotor, but I mean something that is supplied and supported by Microsoft and runs on the Mac.  It would pretty much mean that .NET would win the front end client war again.  We would have Microsoft's APIs on Windows (obviously) and the Mac.  Realistically, there aren't any other front ends out there as the two of them are at least 90% and probably 95% of the front end desktop marketplace.  Thoughts?


  • I can only hope that the full .NET framework is put onto the Mac. How amazing would it be to be able to write a application for Win and Mac users? This just leaves out Linux...which they might as well include. I only hope that this is the future, as I do believe that .NET is great to work with. Right now I am starting to learn new languages and platforms because I recently bought a Mac. This would keep me on the .NET stack and not make me go to the other frameworks.

  • Try www.go-mono.com for Linux and Mac .NET.

  • Mono is a great idea, but it won't drive large numbers of mac users to .NET. It will take Microsoft to do that.

  • I don't think it will ever happen. Dot NET is constantly evolving and besides, who uses a mac for programming anyway? Almost all large businesses use PC's.

  • It would be nice to see the .NET framework on the MAC. It would be nice to be able to develop under Visual Studio and then have your apps run on the MAC or even have Visual Studio on the MAC. XCode is nice, but C# and managed code has a lot of advantages over C++. I know that a lot of MAC people have a great abhorrence of anything Microsoft but comparing writing software under Visual Studio and then under the XCode environment is about like using a motorcycle to get to your destination over a bicycle. Ah, to live in a perfect world!

  • Mono is nice, i respect Novell for developing such a project. But i have a nice experience in running .NET apps on Mono - Mono is absolutely not complete. Not only in architecture but also in realization of C# for example. Many of the corners in Mono are NOT complete (And i don't mean Windows-associated things). Example: Hashcode and Dictionary in .NET are synchronized -> in Mono they are not -> the same multithreading app, working on .NET well falls downn on Mono...

  • can we use .net in mac?

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