Startup Posts

I wanted to tie together a few of my startup articles designed for developers and to put them into one place where I can access them.  Here are my articles from Visual Studio Magazine over the past few years.

I have a few additional thoughts, so I will be putting them here to my blog.  I'll try to remember to link back to them as well.


  • Just saw your piece about Wallace McClure. I believe he (and your grandmother Ann?) were my neighbors in Charlittesville, VA in the 1970s. I had them over to the house once, and they came to, of all things, my dissertation defense at UT.

  • That was Wallace McClure, Sr. He was my grandfather. Ann was his second wife. My grandmother was Helen. Both lived into their 90s. IIRC, Ann lived on into her 100s, though we lost contact after my grandfather passed. IIRC, that was either late 1983 or early 1984. It has been a long time. His specialty was international law at the State Department in DC. My father often talks about remembering going to Sweden when my grandfather was stationed there at the embassy.

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