VS 2008 SP1 - Error connecting to undo manager of source file

I got this error:

Microsoft Visual Studio
Error connecting to undo manager of source file 'C:\Users\chuawenching\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\TaskListExt\TaskListExt\Views\Home\Index.aspx.designer.cs'.

I had never faced such a problem before this. Not sure why? Even though I had developed numerous ASP.NET 2.0 web applications for customers.

Till earlier today, I got this error when I was trying to insert Helper methods for ASP.NET MVC Beta.

<%= Html.TextBox("firstName") %>

When I ran it, I got the error above. Then, I tried to remove that Helper method and the error still existed. Wonder why? I had done some research on the internet and realize this.      

I noticed people faced this issue back in VS 2005 too. There was a solution posted in here (credited to CoolBond) http://forums.asp.net/t/1100585.aspx

In case, you have to scroll down for the solution in that link above, do this:

a. Remove Index.aspx.designer.cs

b. Right click on Index.aspx and Convert to Web Application

c. Build your project or solution

d. Run it and it works.

It is really that easy :)

Thanks to CoolBond for this. Save my day.


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