2008 Scripting Games

It’s the third annual Scripting Games, the biggest scripting competition of the year! As a matter of fact, it’s most likely the biggest scripting competition ever. (The fact that it may be the only scripting competition is beside the point.)

The games have already begun on Feb 15 but you have until 8 AM Feb 20 to submit the solutions for the first two events.

If you want to force yourself to learn Powershell (or Perl or VBScript) then I would suggest having a look. Even though I'm not eligible for prizes because I'm a Microsoft employee, I plan on participating to help fill in the gaps of my Powershell skills. I may also try to post my solutions (after the deadline of course :)).


  • Up for a game of calculator putt-putt? What kind of TI do you use these days?

  • Elm street ghost - show yourself(via my contact form)... I believe I still own a TI-92 and TI-89 but I haven't used either for more than 8 years I believe.

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