First Beta Release of Run++

Well I think I'm finally ready to make my first public beta release of Run++. I wrote this application solely in C# Express Beta 1 and thus using .Net Framework 2.0 Beta 1. It is going to be available for free and eventually I will release the source code as well. The feature list is list below and if you are interested you can download it here. I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad). Enjoy!

... An replacement run command ...

Run++ is a replacement for the windows run command. Currently the windows run command is very limited it only provides a drop down list of the last 26 typed commands and a auto complete functionality for the file system and browser history as described hereRun++ provides the following feature set:


Auto Complete

Recognizes Commands

Create Custom Commands

Pre-Loaded List of Commands

File System Path Auto Complete

Side Features

This project was inspired by my over use of the windows run command and also my hopes to familiarize myself with the new features in .NET and C# version 2.0. It was developed using C# Express Beta 1.


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