How To Create a Hyperlink to SharePoint's List Export to Spreadsheet

Because you can't copy the hyperlink on the "Export to spreadsheet" link on SharePoint lists, here is how you can create your own hyperlink.


Replace the [Placeholders] with your environment's information.  A handy way to get the list and view GUIDs is to go into "Modify Columns and Settings" then scoll down to the views section and click on the view that you want to use.  You will notice the escaped list and view GUIDs in the resultant URL.

Here is an example:


See also, MSDN's article: URL Protocol and my article: How To Add a Hyperlink To a SharePoint Event Outlook Export


  • Ewe, did your test work?

  • Super! Perfect!
    Exactly what I am looking for!
    Thanks Westin!

  • The link works; but it doesn't work like the export under actions for me. When I do the export the spreadsheet only contains 3 columns no matter what the list looks like before the export. Can anyone help?


  • This is really nice, Thanks!

  • Worked perfectly; thanks so much!

    Westin, you're a lifesaver :-)

  • While exporting to spread sheet I got the following error "EXCEL cannot connect to the sharepoint list".
    Any solution? I am using Forms Authentication using Active Directory.

  • I have some problems when I want to export a view filtering by [Me] and open the excel, there is nothing, only the titles.
    Can anybody helpme?

  • I get an error
    an unexpected error has occurred, changes to your data cannot be saved.
    office 2003 sp2

  • Thanks, that saved my life!

  • Thanks so much for the information! I wanted to add a bit with regards to surveys....

    For surveys it is a bit different since you can't select views. I ended up going to the view of the survey results that I wanted and then did the view source from the browser. Using "export to" I found the information regarding the link just above that.


    I replaced the following:

    \u00257 = %7
    \u00252 = %2
    \u0026 = &
    \u002f = /

    So eventually it looked like this:


    Replace placeholders

    http://[server]/[site]/[subsite]/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=65001&Using=_layouts/query.iqy&List=[List GUID]&View=[View GUID]&RootFolder=%2F[site]%2F[subsite]%2FLists%2F[SurveyName]&CacheControl=1

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