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  • Themes for WPF

    Themes is a great way to customize look and feel of your application and an easy one too. You can customize them or design your own but designing your own theme requires a lot of expertise and time. From my point of view its not a great idea to invest in designing your own theme provided you have so many themes available for you. You can take one which suits you and modify it as per your needs.

  • Rolling back a change set in TFS

    I am struggling with TFS for reverting a check-in which happened by mistake(some how checked out files of other solution got checked in with a different solution, don’t know how it happened. I just intended to check-in one file so its not possible that I didn’t saw other 10 files checked). So obviously I had to revert all the changes happened in this change set and restore the previous version. I started looking for such feature in TFS but couldn’t find anything close. I came across these posts, mentioning Power Toys for TFS so I decided to install them but  I was not able to achieve what I wanted.

  • Epic: An indigenous browser

    Today I came across a new browser(Epic) launched recently by Hidden Reflex, an Indian company based out of Bangalore. I liked the idea of having a browser for India and decided to check that out. So I downloaded and installed it. During the installation itself I faced some issues. Issues I have never seen with any other browser so I decided to blog about this browser, its features and issues I have faced.