Silverlight 4.0 Wizard Custom Control

It’s common in my LOB applications to come across situations where I invent something, and later think…this would be useful for the community.

This is one of those cases.  Most line of business applications require some sort of Linear process, or stepped process, and while there are about 8 billion ways to accomplish this, having a custom control that encapsulates most of the work of actually “stepping”, loading the correct page, etc – is nice.

Enter….the Silverlight Wizard Control



It’s pretty thin, in this demo implementation.  It provides a base class to define a wizard step, the Wizard Custom Control, and a WizardManager that exposes some standard process operations and properties.

This is provided as source control, to use and modify as you see fit.  To get you started, the control is attached to a demo Silverlight 4.0 project.


Visual Studio 2010

Silverlight 4.0


-Good Luck:  Post back with your implementations, I’d love to see them!


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