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  • Converting Sql.LINQ.Binary to Byte()

    Just a real short entry today.  I had some trouble with this one - took me a little bit to figure out so I figured I would post a quick note about it.  Mostly to remind myself how I did it next time I need to. 

  • DLINQ + Solving the Many to Many problem

    A while back, Scott Guthrie posted in the comments, that LINQ didn't support, or had trouble with Many to Many relationships.  I'm not sure if the code-base has changed, or I haven't considered a full scope, but I've managed to get it to work, and it's slick!  I'll jump straight to the magic here. 

  • Thoughts from the flip side

    I'm a little bit off topic this evening, but after all, it's thanksgiving weekend, I think I'm still burping turkey on Sunday night, and I guarantee I'll wage a war worthy of a movie called 400 trying to put my pants on tomorrow morning for work.  Just no give in dress slacks, did polyester stretch?  I just finished watching 60 minutes, first I'd like to say:  I felt the High Tech - Heist article was grossly misrepresented.  Why is it, that you can take any highly intelligent reporter, ask them to talk about technology, and they turn into blithering idiots.  If I had to listen to her say "The WPA Code" one more time, I was going to trip my TV off it's stand and launch it. 

  • Conference Internet is not an option!

    This subject is sure to spawn hate mail abound.  I'm sure that there's an entire camp that will tell me that I'm at a conference or convention, for the conventions subject material - and to get the most out of it, I should leave work, family, friends, interests...<put your item here> behind.  You see, I already know what you're going to say, so save it.   I'm attending DevConnections - In Las Vegas.  With the MVP Discount I believe it cost me somewhere around 1100 dollars to be here and attend sessions.  Another 500+ for my hotel room for a week, meals, plane tickets, not to mention a week of work that continues to go on back at the office. 

  • Leaving...on a jet plane

    A little John Denver anyone?  I'm sitting here in the Denver Airport thinking that thus far, my luck has been really good.  No weather issues, no flight problems -  Even a situation that would normally spell disaster for the wayward traveler was victoriously avoided somehow.