{ T }rite - Source Code Release

I've had a few ask for the source control to this project, and amidst my objections, I tried to come up with a good reason not to release it and couldn't find one.  :)

The goal of this project was really to push through the app and get a working model up.  There are some things that still aren't implemented, or known bugs.

  • The refresh button does nothing!
  • Update gives no notification
  • 160 char limit vs 140 (the API says 160!)
  • No startup notification
  • Weak threading model (background worker)
  • No friend interaction
  • No timeline interaction
  • I could go on forever on this...those are the big ones
  • Oh yea, no settings window at all. :)

So without further ramblings by the estranged coder....here's the source.  You'll need to modify the settings to reflect your own, if you aren't sure how to do that, read the Twitter documentation on the API.

This is a source code release - this is not a finished, nor a working product and is not intended for end users.

This release includes a precompiled version of FluidKit - more information on FluidKit is available HERE.

If you modify this source, and release something of your own, I only ask that you keep the name the same and add your own spin - such as { T }rite | by Johnson or { T }rite | by Freakyuno....etc

You will need Visual Studio 2008 AND / OR Microsoft Expression Blend March 2.5 Preview installed to work with this project, and knowledge of WPF (XAML) and C#.

Source Code HERE

Good luck, feel free to get in touch with questions.

Bryan Sampica (freakyuno)

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