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I'm a little bit off topic this evening, but after all, it's thanksgiving weekend, I think I'm still burping turkey on Sunday night, and I guarantee I'll wage a war worthy of a movie called 400 trying to put my pants on tomorrow morning for work.  Just no give in dress slacks, did polyester stretch?  I just finished watching 60 minutes, first I'd like to say:  I felt the High Tech - Heist article was grossly misrepresented.  Why is it, that you can take any highly intelligent reporter, ask them to talk about technology, and they turn into blithering idiots.  If I had to listen to her say "The WPA Code" one more time, I was going to trip my TV off it's stand and launch it. 

Anyway, on to the meat of this post.  Watching the monologue got me thinking a little bit abstractly, and of course that lead me to T.V idiosyncrasies. 

Tune in:  I'm wondering how long it will be, before this reference is completely gone.  Referring of course to the rabbit eared set, and a complicated method of picking up a broadcast signal, utilizing dials and knobs and antenna's (antenni?) in the perfectly correct position for static free viewing.  - Prediction:  1 generation

I suppose the digital methodology is similar, there is 400 channels broadcast over the same wire, and there's a signaling decibel and frequency over that wire of some sort, that a digital box looks for a specific IO stream on.  But it's not quite the same.

Turn the Channel:  This one is a little ambiguous, but it refers to the "dials" that used to be on TV sets, before there were fancy LED's (and even sometimes then).  Saying "turn" the channel these days gets us what we want, it's 100% understood, how long I wonder before the meaning and origin are completely lost in modern day culture. 

Intermission:  I suppose I'm asking a lot, considering that 8 out of 10 people can look at a picture of the current president (whoever it is, spare me the Bush jokes) - and mistake him David Letterman or Jay Leno.

Feel free to add to this list - It's a work in progress.  Once and a while I have these random interludes, come along for the ride, or get off at the next stop.  I wont miss ya. :)

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