The First MSDN Video in Hong Kong

I'm on TV! Back to the July/Augest 2003, the MS HK Developer Evangelist (PeterTy) and my HK .NET User Group were discussing how to influnce the local developer community and deliver the message of ".NET", then.. he had a crazy interesting brainstorm idea after attending the PDC03... create a video and broadcast .NET!

Obviously, I'm not a good looking guy as Reeves, but we're tire of the "classic" channels to influnce the community and the "idea" of MSDN TV is cool. Therefore, we used an abnormal approach to show the power of ASP.NET to the audience, and I hope we can entertain the developers and also draw their attention (from the content.. not me).

MSDN Video
Empower Web Development—ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and Web Matrix

Exploring technologies can be fun – not just from a technical perspective, but from an entertainment perspective. We are trying to introduce ASP.NET to you in a new and interesting way, enjoy! (Special thanks to Hong Kong .NET User group and Mr. Colt Kwong, for the big contribution to the filming of this video!)

Demo code download

In this video, we show the use of "Localization" and "Fast Programming" in VS.NET, it's technically simple but (I hope) real entertaining.

Making this video is $$$$$ hard, I'd like to give a big thanks to my brothers and sisters of my HK .NET User Group and the handsome DE, all of us give up our personal time and go to rural area and record this video together. Before recording this video, we spend quite a lot of time in casting, meeting, rehearsal, prepare the script, clothing, equipment...etc etc (The process of making this movie is exhausing, I now understand the status of the Hollywood star... and I'd prefer to write 1000000 lines of code instead... :S 

BTW, Thanks to Jason as his last blog is extremely useful for me... See? I love to get/set the local & global community :-D

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  • Thanks for the mention. Congratulations on the video. I never understood just how long it takes to film a project until I had to once. The intensive amount of planning needed to pull something like this off makes me have a great deal of respect for an accomplishment like this!

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