ASP.NET AJAX in Action - Finally!

After a long but rewarding journey I'm happy to announce that our book, ASP.NET AJAX In Action, is finally out! Currently, the book is available in eBook format from the Manning web site. On August 24th (next week), the printed book will be available as well. Source code for the book can be freely downloaded from here.

Here are the contents (copied from the Manning home page):

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Part 1 ASP.NET AJAX basics

1 Introducing ASP.NET AJAX
1.1 What is Ajax?
1.2 ASP.NET AJAX architecture
1.3 ASP.NET AJAX in action
1.4 Summary
2 First steps with the Microsoft Ajax Library
2.1 A quick overview of the library
2.2 The Application model
2.3 Working with the DOM
2.4 Making development with JavaScript easier
2.5 Summary
3 JavaScript for Ajax developers
3.1 Working with objects
3.2 Working with JSON
3.3 Classes in JavaScript
3.4 Understanding inheritance
3.5 Understanding interfaces and enumerations
3.6 Using type reflection
3.7 Working with events
3.8 Summary
4 Exploring the Ajax server extensions
4.1 Ajax for ASP.NET developers
4.2 Enhancing an existing ASP.NET site
4.3 ScriptManager: the brains of an Ajax page
4.4 Partial-page updates
4.5 Summary
5 Making asynchronous network calls
5.1 Working with ASP.NET Web Services
5.2 The asynchronous communication layer
5.3 Consuming external Web Services
5.4 Using ASP.NET application services
5.5 Summary
6 Partial-page rendering with UpdatePanels
6.1 With great power comes great responsibility
6.2 Getting to know the UpdatePanel
6.3 Triggers
6.4 Advanced techniques
6.5 Live GridView filter
6.6 Summary

Part 2 Advanced techniques

7 Under the hood of the UpdatePanel
7.1 The PageRequestManager: the unsung hero
7.2 A client-side event viewer
7.3 UpdatePanel cookbook
7.4 Caveats and limitations
7.5 Summary
8 ASP.NET AJAX client components
8.1 The client component model
8.2 Working with client components
8.3 Behaviors
8.4 Controls
8.5 Summary
9 Building Ajax-enabled controls
9.1 Script descriptors
9.2 Introduction to Ajax-enabled controls
9.3 Extenders
9.4 Script controls
9.5 Summary
10 Developing with the Ajax Control Toolkit
10.1 A world of extenders
10.2 The Ajax Control Toolkit API
10.3 Animations
10.4 Summary

Part 3 ASP.NET AJAX Futures

11 XML Script
11.1 XML Script basics
11.2 Actions
11.3 Bindings
11.4 Summary
12 Dragging and dropping
12.1 The drag-and-drop engine
12.2 A drag-and-drop shopping cart
12.3 Summary

Part 4 Mastering ASP.NET AJAX

13 Implementing common Ajax patterns
13.1 Script versioning
13.2 Helpers, help me help you!
13.3 Logical navigation and unique URLs
13.4 Declarative data binding
13.5 Declarative widgets
13.6 Summary
Installing ASP.NET AJAX
Tools for debugging Ajax applications

We were also very fortunate to get forewords from both Scott Guthrie and Bertrand Le Roy - a true honor. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed sharing what we learned from the community, Microsoft and each other.


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