Video: Microsoft AJAX, XML and Web Services

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the ASP.NET Connections conference in Las Vegas and had my good friend Spike Xavier video the talk.  Although lighting conditions in the room weren't really conducive to filming it turned out good enough to watch for those who are interested.   The talk has been divided into three parts and can be viewed here.

Thanks to Spike for taking the time to film and for dealing with the cheap tripod I gave him to use.  Next time I film a talk I'll invest in a tripod that can move a little better. :-)

If you're interested in training on Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX technology Interface Technical Training is holding a 1-day seminar at the end of November in Phoenix, AZ.  Michael Palermo, Simon Allardice and myself will be presenting the seminar.  Interface Technical Training will also be releasing video training on ASP.NET AJAX very soon and be offering instructor-led training in the near future.

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