Live Search for Windows Mobile Released

Microsoft recently released the final build of their awesome Live Search for Windows Mobile application.  It's probably the coolest and most useful application I have on my Mobile 5 phone since it does the following types of things:

1.  Displays maps (zoom in and out is available as well as satellite maps)
2.  Locates restaurants and other businesses based upon different categories
3.  Shows live traffic conditions (not all cities are covered....but Phoenix is...see example below)
4.  Supports GPS devices to show where you are on a particular map
5.  Shows directions to or from a particular address
6.  Search for a contact’s address without typing it or save a business to your contacts to use again later
7.  Send a text message with business’ address and phone number to friends so they know where to meet you
8.  Super-easy to use interface that also looks really nice

If you have a Windows Mobile device and are interested in trying it out you can download the .cab file here: (a J2ME version is also available)

Here's an example of a Live Search map of Phoenix with traffic functionality turned on.  If only traffic were this good during daytime hours.  There's not much green in the morning or afternoon unfortunately.

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