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imageAfter many years hosting my blog at I’ve decided to move over to a custom domain - I’ve really appreciated the hosting that Microsoft has provided and the excellent service behind the scenes by Neudesic. The existing blog and all of the posts will stay up but new posts will be at the URL mentioned below.

Why am I moving the blog you ask? First off, people have a real challenge spelling my last name (“Wahlin”) and it’s hard to remember “dwahlin” if you’re trying to go to the blog directly. Second, our new company website is going to be at so I figured I might as well move the blog there as well. The company site will be released a bit later and we have a lot of great content planned for it. My wife came up with the “Code with Dan” concept based on feedback we’ve had from several clients over the years and felt that it’d be a lot easier to remember for people.

I may still post a portion of each blog post here at the old blog to gradually move people over, but if you have this blog ( bookmarked you’ll want to change the bookmark to Thanks!

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