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How many development tools for .NET?

Guess how many development tools for .NET, libraries and add-ins, I can list?


That's right, more than five hundred tools!
You can find them all in the SharpToolbox, which has become such a huge listing. This is not just a flat list, but a complete directory with categories, description, links and search function.
And it all started with a small list on this weblog in March last year...


By the way, if you have experience with some of the tools listed at you'd like to communicate, please contact me.
I'd like to conduct small interviews to help people understand how the tools can help them for the development of their applications. I think we need some case studies and best practices to know how to design applications, and what the best tools are for a given context.
So, help promote the tools or libraries you like, and why not, expose the solutions your are the most proud of.

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