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Windows Forms Smart Client Sample

TaskVision is a sample smart client task management application built using the Windows Forms classes of the Microsoft® .NET Framework—an integral Windows® component that supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services. TaskVision allows authenticated users to view, modify, and add projects and tasks that are shared with other users. It may be used in any number of scenarios, from bug tracking to managing work orders or customer service requests. Its primary purpose is to provide quality, sample source code to developers interested in building smart client applications and XML Web services using the .NET Framework.

The TaskVision solution demonstrates many technologies provided by the .NET Framework including:

  • Application offline and online model
  • Application update model via HTTP (no-touch deployment)
  • Authorization to control user access to application features
  • Data collision handling
  • Printing and Print Preview
  • Windows XP Themes
  • Dynamic properties
  • Localization support
  • Accessibility support (limited)
  • Forms authentication using a database for user names/passwords
  • Asynchronous XML Web service calls
  • ADO.NET data access using SQL stored procedures
  • Graphics development using GDI+
  • Integration between .NET Framework-based code and COM applications (COM interop)

[Chris Sells & MSDN]

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