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More mappings: Relational Model - Domain Model - Presentation Model

A new meme is starting to make some buzzing noise.
Paul Wilson started to talk about UI Mapping in July, and lately more and more people are talking about this concept.
Mats Helander has a complete series on various mappings (1, 2, 3, and up to 6). Roger Johansson is also talking about the concept and even has a prototype implementation (1, 2, 3).
Roughly, the idea is to use more mappings than just object-relational mapping, which is used to map your domain objects to a relational database. The first new mapping is between your domain objects and the presentation layer. This means we would have Relational Model <-> Domain Model <-> Presentation Model.
But I won't try to explain the concept, Roger Johansson and Mats Helander do this very well on their weblogs.

This goes towards a more declarative approach, and I think we need it because GUI code is the next pain in the neck after data access - a lot of code for nothing.
No need to say I'll follow this closely and even use it if possible.

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