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Targeted text ads are getting big!

Google has just added new features to its AdSense program. Some are very cool like the ability to get money in your currency and directly on your bank account. Goodbye change rates and check deposit expenses!
Another feature is Ad Links units, which display a list of topics that are relevant to a page. Each topic, when clicked, brings the user to a page of related advertisements.
You can see how they look like and test them on this weblog. Look on the right. We'll see how they perform money-wise...

Google also updated its Terms and Conditions to allow users to reveal how much they make out of AdSense. A lot of people already started to release some figures. And then we realize that contextualized text ads are becoming quite a big opportunity, and a full-time job for some.

New players are starting to challenge Google and its AdSense and AdWords programs: Kanoodle, MSN, Overture/Yahoo!...
Definitely something to follow and that will heat up in the near future.

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