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New version of XC#

ResolveCorp has just released a new version of eXtensible C#. Here's what's new:

  • XC# now supports Visual Studio 2003 beta
  • XC# provides better assertion support
  • It is possible to enable or disable XC# for a specific solution or a specific
  • XC# now comes with the source code for XCSharp.Attributes,
    XCSharp.VisualStudio and XCSharp.AddIn
  • XC# now supports FxCop-like rules: naming, design and usage rules

This new version is available for download on ResolveCorp's web site.

BTW, here is what ResolveCorp says about the future of XC#:

No decision has been made for the price of future versions.
However, it is likely that a non commercial version will stay available for free.
As far as the source code is concerned, the plan is to provide an interface to the compiler but not the source code.

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