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Web Service-based aggregator

Harry Pierson and Tim Marman are the first ones to talk about a server-based aggregator.

So, for an aggregator to be really useful to me, it needs to de-couple the aggregation/datastore from the presentation. When I'm at work (or not at my home computer in general), I want to be able to get at the data via a web browser. When I'm at home, I want a nice, powerful UI like Harvester or Syndirella or NewsGator. When I'm travelling or on the train or whatever, I want to be able to read on my PocketPC. And, most importantly, I want all of these to use the same data set. When I've already read something at work, I want to know that when I get home, and vice versa.

[Loosely Coupled]

Coming back from holidays, I was about to create such an RSS Aggregator Web Service... Then I discover all the activity around RSS aggregation, archives, SharpReader, Harvester, RSS Bandit...

I think I will work on such a WS anyway. It can be useful by itself, and could even more give ideas to others.
Hint for the creators of SharpReader, RSS Bandit, Harvester and others: please create add-in support in your RSS client readers. Soon (and I first) we will need to integrate into your software. Feeds or feed lists may not always come from simple HTTP GET but from web services for example.

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