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RSS for the list of .NET tools

Chad has setup an RSS feed for my list of .NET tools. Good quick and simple work. Bravo Chad!

I just read Fabrice's and Julie's comments on creating an RSS feed for Fabrice's excellent list of .NET tools.  Since I'm sitting in my hotel room whilst out of town at a client's, and since I've generated some RSS feeds internally from HTML-only sources on many occasions before, I thought I'd do this one as well.  I'm generating a constant pubDate at the moment.  It's currently dynamic, but I might have it generate a static feed and only change it when Fabrice updates his page.

You can subscribe to it here.  I don't have access to my webserver at home, so the "playground" will have to do for the moment. 

Update: It now includes descriptions ;-)

 [Chad Osgood]

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