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Change of plans for Acropolis and WPF composite client support from Microsoft

Back in June, Microsoft announced Acropolis. Now, the Acropolis team and the Patterns & Practices team announce new plans.
I haven't looked at Acropolis after July, and this new change of plans confirms that this was a wise decision. These days, I don't really have time to spend on moving targets like Acropolis was.

The Acropolis team announce that Acropolis enters a new phase. They "will begin to roll many of the Acropolis concepts into future versions of the .NET Framework for the desktop and Silverlight". Yet, no new previews are planned!
At the same time, the Patterns & Practices team announce that they will provide WPF Composite Client, "guidance (samples, applications blocks, patterns and so on) for building composite client applications for .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008". The target is to have all of the new guidance ship before the end of 2008. They plan to "develop several small deliverables that they will ship in a piecemeal fashion", but no dates set for these.

In the meantime, the official recommendation is to stick to CAB and SCSF, and use the Windows Forms and WPF interop if you need WPF in your composite applications.

For more information about the future of Acropolis and the WFP Composite Client, read the announcements on the Acropolis blog and on Glenn Blocks' blog.

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