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LINQ in Action is for VB developers too

A frequent question we get about our LINQ book is whether it's been written for C# developers only. If you think so, you're making a mistake.

We cover both C# and VB.NET in the book. This is one big difference with competing books. Even if not all code samples are in both languages all the time in the book, we make sure to demonstrate and explain the differences between both languages when it makes sense.

In addition, to determine if this book is for you before buying it, you can take a look at all the resources we made available for free. This includes 3 free chapters and the source code. You can find them all on the book homepage.
The complete source code for all the code samples in the book is available as a free download. All code files and projects are provided in C# and in VB.

By the way, Jim is a VB.NET MVP. Do you think he'd been ok if we didn't cover VB in the book? ;-)

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