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PageMethods is now open source

I've been quiet lately about PageMethods because other projects kept me busy and contrarily to what I wished, I haven't been able to create PageMethods Pro last year.

Considering the facts that other important projects will continue to keep me busy this year as well, and that several people have ideas for ways to improve PageMethods, I've decided to open the project.
This doesn't mean that I'm abandoning the project. To the contrary, I think that making PageMethods open source and integrating developers is an opportunity for the project to grow.
I wish to keep the lead on PageMethods for the moment, and progressively add more developers to the project.

For the moment, I think it's better to share the source code only with key developers who already know where PageMethods is heading. I have a list of features that should be implemented, but I'm sure you can come up with interesting new features too. If you have a good understanding of PageMethods and you wish to impact the way it evolves, you may consider joining the team...
I've already set up the project on See
If you are interested in joining the project, contact me and we'll see how we can work together!

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