Porting .NET 3.5 app to Linux

Started doing research on porting a .NET 3.5 Windows Service application to Linux last week and today.There is a WinForms maintenance\admin tool that needs to be ported too.

Looking at Mono and related friends. Need to come up with a way to support MSMQ and Windows Workflow Foundation. Looks like the support for this in Mono is in alpha and not stable yet. 




  • AFAIK Mono team plan to implement full WWF any time soon.Because there are not many users of WWF on *nix and they are also short of resources.

  • Is there any tutorial available on net as to how to port the entire .Net application to linux.

  • Hi, @fanta81

    Google/bing is your friend.



  • I have found lots of tutorials..basically though, get Mono 2.2, run MoMa on your solution, take it from there.

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