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  • Race Condition in AsyncController


              ASP.NET MVC 2 provides AsyncController which enables you to define controller actions that run asynchronously. AsyncController become very useful in IO bound tasks, for example calling a remote web service or query large amounts of data from a slow database, etc. In these situation you will not tie up a request processing thread(ASP.NET thread), instead you use AsyncController which enables you to use non-ASP.NET thread to execute long IO bound operations. AsyncController will increase overall application performance if your application is using long running IO bound task. Synchronization is very important if you are performing multiple task in AsyncController, but if you don't care then your application may come into a situation that we refer to as a race condition. Race condition occurs when several threads attempt to access the same data and do not take account of what the other threads are doing which result in corrupt data structures. So in this article I will show you how your application may come into race condition situation and how you can avoid race condition situation.