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  • TypeFinder Macro and BuildFileBuilder on the move...

    Update: The original url's work again! Due to an unexpected move of the server hosting the TypeFinder macro and the BuildFileBuilder site, the original url's do not work at this moment. But you can reach them by using the new url's:

  • Unofficial main feed!

    Well rather then complain about the lack of a main feed for I decided to code up a little app to create a feed.  The current feed only includes the blogs running BlogX so guys like Don Box are currently not included.  I'll write more about how I created the main feed as well as release the source for the feed creator in a later post.  For the time being point your aggregators over to and let me know what you think!

  • Learning 24/7...

    The people that probably know the most are also the ones trying hardest to learn.

  • Extending Intellisense: TypeFinder Macro

    Namespaces in .NET are great! But how many times do you find yourself typing Private r As xmlreader, and then noticing that there is no Imports/using statement for the System.Xml Namespace? Then you would have to scroll to the top of your document and add the Imports/using statement by hand. Alternatively you could choose to add the namespace to your declaration: Private r As System.Xml.XmlReader. Since we are all developers, why not develop something to help developers with this tedious task of namespace lookups?

  • Remembering code snippets (eg. Global Error Handler)

    Today I was searching for a code snippet that I had used some time ago. But I couldn't find it! I knew I had used it before in a project, but ofcourse I hadn't the source code with me. I work on different locations (customer's office, office, home) on different machines (customer's pc, laptop, desktop) and I don't copy all my projects to each pc. My next thought was: “No problem, just use Google!”. But when you really want to find something, the chances are high that you can't remember the exact title of the article or website you've read (Murphy's law). So no luck with Google today. Finally I went home and looked up the snippet in my old project...

  • I'm back

    I'm back from my honeymoon to Thailand. It was an incredible holiday, we saw so many beautiful things and the people were so kind: I can recommend it to everyone!