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  • Overview of Office 2003 Developer Tools and Programs

    Did you ever wonder what technology you should use to create your Office smart client application? Today we have a lot of technologies and tools to choose from (I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing ;-): InfoPath, Visual Studio.NET, VSTO 2003/2005, IBF, Access Developer Extensions, Smart Documents, Smart Tags, ... Today an article was published on MSDN that tries to give an overview of these technologies and has some guidelines which technology to use, you can read it here.

  • My New Job Starts Tomorrow!

    That’s right, tomorrow I’ll start my new job at U2U! I’ll will be working on Information Worker technologies together with the famous Patrick Tisseghem (actually Patrick already blogged about it). I’m very excited and it promises to be a great job! For those of you who don’t know U2U: it’s a “Competence Center for .NET Software Development. Above all, U2U is a Competence Center for Software Developers. But U2U is also an official Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center. And that’s not the end of the story; there’s more to it. The numerous Microsoft official trainings we offer are only the tip of the iceberg, and fit in with a larger aspiration. As a competence center, we first of all want to be the epicenter of pioneering work in software development. Furthermore, U2U is a meeting place for developers who want to keep track of the latest technologies. At U2U, you’ll find the solutions to your development problems of today,and you’ll prepare for tomorrow.