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  • U2U RSS Feeds for SharePoint Leaked Screenshots

    There is a rumour that next week (@ DevDays) U2U will announce a tool to generate RSS feeds for SharePoint. Nothing new you might think, there are several other solutions. That's right, but you haven't seen the screenshots, nor the feature list. I did! :-) In fact I "found" some screenshots on my desktop today... (don't know how they got there)

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server Adapter Migration Toolkit

    Once in a while some of my students ask if they can reuse the components which they have built in the previous version of BizTalk Server. Unfortunately the answer is no; but there's some good news for them: the BizTalk Server Adapter Migration Toolkit (AMT) is released!
    AMT is designed to simplify migration of BizTalk 2002 solutions to BizTalk 2004 by providing three key pieces:
    • The generation of wrappers for BizTalk 2002 Application Integration Components (AICs) so that they can be used as BizTalk 2004 adapters and pipeline components;
    • The wrapper for BizTalk 2002 custom preprocessors so that they can be used as BizTalk 2004 pipeline components; and
    • Implementation of BizTalk 2002 IInterchange to facilitate migration of BizTalk 2002 applications that submitted messages bypassing specific transports directly into BizTalk.
      Please, read readme file for more details.

  • SQL Server Reporting Services Web Parts Review

    Since last week you can sign up for testing the beta's of two SQL Server related service packs: SQL Server 2000 SP4 and Reporting Services SP2. I signed up for testing the Reporting Services SP2 beta mainly because it contains web parts which can be used inside SharePoint, nice! The goal of these web parts is showing the contents of report inside a SharePoint site. So these new web parts are some serious competition for Bryant Like's RS Web Parts which actually do just the same.

  • Porto Was Great!

    Last week I was in Porto (Portugal) for delivering a BizTalk course. It was great, in many ways: Porto is a very nice city, working with the group was a pleasure, everyone was so kind, ... On Thursday I had the honor of attending the first geek dinner at Porto! Thanks guys, it was great meeting all of you and I'd love to come back! :-) Check my MSN Space for more pictures of last week.

  • BTSnapshot Beta Released

    Jon Flanders released a beta of a very promissing tool: BTSnapshot. I haven't tried it out but it seems to solve one of my primary issues when doing BizTalk development: the deployment process during the development cycle. Nice work Jon, I'll check it out as soon as I can find some time!

  • BizTalk-ing in Portugal

    Next week I'll be in Porto (Portugal) to deliver a BizTalk Server 2004 training. If you're intrested check out following site for more information and registration: