Running a VB6 application as a service

I must give praise to a really nice little tool that I'm sure many of you have used the last years - the NTSVC.OCX control. The control was a sample control made by some guy at Microsoft a long time ago and was provided with the January 1997 edition of MSDN. I'm not sure where or if it is available for download anymore, but boy, has it made life easier for me the last 6 years! I had pretty complex VB6 services running on an NT4 box for over a year without a single stop or reboot of the machine. In the end we had to install a service pack and some hotfixes for NT4 on the machine.

Someone at Microsoft once coded this thingy, I'm sure some of you know who it is. If so, send my best regards - that control has been of great use.

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  • Johan - may I ask - using the NTSVC.OCX component - how do you keep your application from shutting down when the user logs out? Even though I've successfully got the service running my application under the LocalSystem account, it shuts down once I log out.

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