I think I got the first and original IBM ThinkPad

When I got my first job at IBM back in -88 we got small brown notepads with the word 'THINK' printed on the cover. We're talking good old pen and paper stuff here. I would guess that was the original IBM ThinkPad :) I no longer work for IBM, but when I was cleaning out a few old boxes back home I found that "think pad" again.

I took that old notepad with me to work today and showed it to some of my younger work mates, but they just looked strangely at me. I wonder why...

I must try to upload an image of it I guess.

Lol, according to what's printed inside the cover, I can "order refills from the nearest IBM office or write to IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York..." Maybe I should try that, I'm running out of sheets :p

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  • Guess you are trying to say we are getting old;-)

    If need new sheets ... they still have the same address:p

    International Business Machines Corporation

    New Orchard Road

    Armonk, New York 10504


    Samuel Kastberg

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