What Happened to the Rails Website?

I was going to look at some of the Ruby on Rails screencasts on www.rubyonrails.org site, but someone must have forgot to pay the right amount of money in time or something :)



I'm sure things will be working fine by the time you read this blog post :)


  • I noticed the same thing, posted on my blog and Digg. Apparently the IRC channel reports that they are aware of the problem and looking into it (i.e. calling lawyers).

    It looks like their domain actually expired and a squatter snagged it.

  • Seems to be back, but why do they have the videos in .mov format only? Do I really have to install Apple spamware to see that? If a site has only .wmv files everybody screams about this although 80% of people have the player on their system. It's their choice I guess, but too bad.

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