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  • [OT] Half-Life 2 Patch Released

    The changes in this release are directed at reducing the problem some users are experiencing with sound stuttering. The sound stuttering is not indicative of a sound problem, sound stuttering is only a symptom of texture thrashing on your video card or AGP memory. For information on how to reduce texture thrashing visit this link on our support site:


    This update will fix sound stuttering that users were experiencing that would last for longer than a few seconds during normal gameplay. This update will also eliminate this same behavior following a quicksave or autosave. There will still be a short pause while the autosave happens, but not the more drawn out stuttering behaivior.

    We are still investigating another performance problem on some hardware, which will manifest where the game is getting into a state where performance drops to less than 5 fps and does not recover or crashes.

    Next week we will be releasing the Source SDK, along with a surprise for the community.
    [via Steam News]

  • [util] ClipPath

    "As a Programmer, we are often required to set the path or classpath Environment variables. But Windows Operating does not allow us to copy the full path of a file or a folder,say, c:\temp\ to clipboard so that we can paste the same anywhere we require. Clip Path utility tries to solve these problems. It is a windows Shell Extension Program. Once installed, you can copy full path of a file or folder to clipboard.

    New features in Version 2.1 include the Addition of one more menu item - "Create Outlook Link(s)"."

    Oh man... this is cool! Read about it on Early Adopter and immediately installed it. For me, this just rocks.

    I am copying file paths into Outlook/documents/etc all day it seems, and with Explorer it's been a two step process. Copy the path, then copy the file name. With this utility it's now done with one right click.
    [via Early Adopter and Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day]

  • Free icons and graphics from EggheadCafe and Lokas

    EggheadCafe has Free Icons And Graphics For Professional ASP.NET Web Applications:

    In partnership with Lokas software, is providing you with a wide array of business oriented graphics and icons.  No license fees, no royalties, and no restrictions.  Best of all, all of the graphics have transparent backgrounds that you can adjust in programs like Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop.

    A small sampling:

    The icons on are nice, too, but they're not free.

  • [OT] Demographic analysis of US Election Exit Polls

    this post is about the recent u.s. election, but i don't think it's about politics. it's the results of my fact checking study on the exit poll analysis. i wanted to validate or disprove what i'd heard about the electorate who selected george w. bush, and how they made that choice. i'm not interested, in this post, in what they should have done. this is intended to be a demographic study, not a political argument. more disclaimers at the end, but you get the idea.